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Ooooooooohhhh …

All characters: Me ‘cause they all die?

Val Jean: Me

Javert: Jamey

Cosette: Stell

Marius: Jenn

Eponine: Jamie

Fantine: Marissa

M Thenardier: Dave

Mde Thenardier: Clare

Grantaire: Patrick

Combeferre: Alex

Feuilly: Josh

Enjolras: Sam (and not just for Tveitjolras reasons)

 posted 2 years ago

  1. clairesimmonds said: no wait can I switch with patrick I want to be grantaire XD
  2. itscalledetiquettedarling said: Dave and I would MAKE people ship the Thenardier’s like burning. I mean. Probably.
  3. mike-warren said: yayyyyy
  4. thesubtlegatsby said: i dont know which one that is
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